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Spinach Crepes with Mushrooms, Basil Pesto & Tahini Dressing


I’m writing up this recipe sitting in a very hot and steamy spa at my sisters birthday celebration. I’m stealing five minutes to start writing it up while the girls have headed to the ice room! Eek.

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while as it’s one of my favourite versions of my ever versatile buckwheat pancakes/Crepes/flatbreads. A beautifully green spinach version.

Did you know that buckwheat is traditionally used for crepes in France and I first tasted them many years ago a cute little crepery. Since then I’ve been a huge fan of buckwheat flour with its earthy taste, high amounts of nutrients and the fact that it’s naturally gluten free. I made my crepes gorgeously green with spinach, but you can add in any herbs or leaves you want. I love; coriander, basil and rocket.

In terms of fillings I decided on fat and juicy oyster mushrooms and a classic rich basil pesto with lots of nutritional yeast for that lovely savoury cheesy flavour – Absolutely delicious.

Here’s a few of my other favourite combinations;

Red pepper dip and Cashew cheese
Beetroot hummus with Hazelnut dukka
Kale pesto and Slaw
Edamame dip with salad
Hummus with ratatouille
Dipped into Dal

And a delicious beetroot version!


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