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20 easy pasta salad recipes!!


I’m here to help you get your pasta on!! haha πŸ™‚ Seriously, who doesn’t like a really good pasta salad? So I’m bringing to you, 20 easy pasta salad recipes!!


Pasta salad recipes, 20 of them!!

Gone are the days of the drab elbows floating in a soupy mayo blandness, with the odd piece of celery passing by.  These divine pasta salad recipes are pot luck worthy! The type of dish that when the guests taste it, they’re saying “Who made the pasta salad???, I want the recipe!!!!”,…. You can proudly stand up next to the nosy bitchy neighbour who brought pasta salad soup, and spread your arms out like the goddess (or, god) you are, smiling while taking a bow. And they won’t think your egotistical at all, because any of these salads are THAT GOOD.

Here we go!!

Cool shaped pasta with a bit of a buffalo sauce kick?.. YES PLEASE!

Buffalo Style Pasta Salad @ http://3boysandadog.com/tailgating-recipe-buffalo-style-chicken/

This looks amazing!!! !! 

Fiesta Fresh Salad @ https://www.familyfreshmeals.com/2014/06/creamy-ranch-pasta-salad.html

I just love Penne style pasta, don’t you?

Easy Penne Pasta Salad @http://wannabite.com/easy-penne-pasta-salad-recipe/

Asparagus, pasta, black olives, ect – what more can you want??

Pasta Salad with White Beans and Asparagus @ http://www.mashupmom.com/pasta-salad-with-white-beans-asparagus/

Only 6 easy ingredients for yumminess!!

6 Ingredient Easy Pasta Salad @ http://happydealhappyday.com/6-ingredient-easy-pasta-salad-recipe/

One of the most favorite salads in this house!!

Taco Pasta Salad @ http://whoneedsacape.com/2016/07/taco-pasta-salad/

If you want the classic macaroni salad – THIS is the recipe to use!!

Traditional Macaroni Salad @ http://blommi.com/classic-traditional-macaroni-salad/

All in one dinner!!

Chicken Dinner Pasta Salad @ http://blommi.com/chicken-dinner-pasta-salad-easy-weeknight-recipe/

I LOVE all the ingredients in this salad, don’t you???

Cucumber Ranch Shrimp Pasta Salad @ http://blommi.com/cucumber-ranch-shrimp-pasta-salad/

Everything you like about Italian food, but in a salad, Brilliant!!

Pizza Pasta Salad @ http://cincyshopper.com/pizza-pasta-salad

Taste of the tropics!!

Hawaiian Macaroni Salad @ http://cincyshopper.com/hawaiian-macaroni-salad/

This pasta salad will be going on the weekly menu for sure!!

Pasta Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette @ http://cincyshopper.com/pasta-salad-balsamic-vinaigrette-recipe/

There’s NOTHING to not like about this salad, right down to the bowtie pasta!!!!

Popcorn Chicken Pasta Salad @ http://pennypincherjenny.com/popcorn-chicken-pasta-salad/

I love all the freshness in this salad, what do you think?

Healthy Caesar Ranch Pasta [email protected] https://fooddonelight.com/healthy-caesar-ranch- pasta-salad/

Now THIS salad is IDEAL for the cowboy cookout!!

Bacon and Cheese Southwestern Pasta Salad @ https://dancingthroughtherain.com/bacon-and-cheese-southwestern-pasta-salad/

I just love this combination!  Sweet and Savory!

Healthy Pasta Salad with Strawberry Poppy Seeds and Chicken @ https://fooddonelight.com/strawberry-poppy-seed-pasta-salad/

This salad would be ideal for hot days when you don’t want to heat up the kitchen!

Cold Chicken Pasta Salad with Rainbow Veggies @ https://www.turningclockback.com/cold-chicken-pasta-salad-recipe-rainbow-veggies/

Love the herbed cheese twist in this recipe!

Herbed Cheese and Veggie Macaroni Salad @ http://www.annsentitledlife.com/recipes/herbed-cheese-and-veggie-macaroni-salad-recipe/

I love how it’s stacked in this jar, which would be perfect for work!

Greek Orzo Summer Salad @ http://www.cookingonthefrontburners.com/2015/07/orzo-summer-salad-greek-style-recipe.html

Not your typical macaroni salad!

Orzo Pasta Salad @ https://www.suburbia-unwrapped.com/italian-orzo-pasta-salad-recipe-fresh-basil/


So there you go, some really fantastic recipes for any sort of pasta salad you could want to make! All these pasta salads will be a perfect stand in for busy weeknight dinners, potlucks, additions to party food nights, birthdays, BBQ’s/cookouts, etc. The list is endless! One tip, just be sure to salt the water when you’re cooking the pasta! There’s not much worse than soupy pasta salads, and bland pasta in a salad! Enjoy!! 

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