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Moist Steamed Chocolate Cake



This Moist Steamed Chocolate Cake is a no-bake cake with a super moist crumb, light texture, and chocolatey perfection. It’s delicious eaten plain, or you can decorate it with a chocolate ganache like mine.


Great news everyone! You don’t have to bake in the oven to have a delicious chocolate cake at home. This Moist Steamed Chocolate Cake is steamed to perfection, yet it is moist, light, and decadent with deep chocolate flavor.

The cake itself is also very easy to make and it is sufficient to mix the batter with a hand whisk. There is no special equipment needed to make this recipe, all you need is a steamer. If you do not have a steamer at home, just a large deep pan with a lid will do.


Steamed vs Baked Cakes

While baking cakes in the oven are commonly used in every household in the United States, but not in Asia as not every home comes with an oven. Steaming is a common way of cooking in Asia, especially when making traditional desserts, such as my Putu Ayu and Kue Lumpang Ijo recipes. Therefore, steaming seems like a great alternative for anyone that does not have an oven or microwave.

There is no way the cake will dry out when cooked in a wet environment. The steaming process makes the chocolate cake softer and moister than any baked goods. The steamed cake also cuts down the need for oils, which can provide a healthier alternative to a chocolate cake. However, steaming may impact the texture and flavor as you will not get the same browned edges you would get if it were baked. The steamed cakes also have a more pure flavor of the ingredients.


Can You Bake The Cake in The Oven?

If you are not convinced to steam the cake, you can bake the cake in the oven. Bake the cake at 355°F/180°C for 50 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean. You can also divide the batter into 2 pans and cut the baking time to 25-30 minutes. Please note that I really recommend steaming the cake because it makes softer and moister crumbs.



Pair The Cake with The Best Chocolate Ganache

Moist Steamed Chocolate Cake paired with chocolate ganache is pure double happiness. Chocolate ganache is very easy and quick to make. It is basically a 1:1 mixture of chocolate and warm cream. I also add a little bit of butter to make the ganache shiny. Stir them together until smooth, silky, and shiny. 

For the best chocolate ganache, make sure to use high-quality chocolate. I personally love the pure acidic chocolate flavor, so I use 3:2 55% and 70% cocoa dark couverture chocolate. You can also use other varieties of chocolate too, such as milk chocolate and white chocolate. If using white chocolate, reduce the cream to 2/3 cup because white chocolate is softer.


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