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35 Hummus Recipes That Will Become Your New Favorite Snack


I am quite a recent hummus convert, but I will be eternally grateful to the friend who first converted me. We were in the supermarket, and she was taking what felt like hours pondering over all the different hummus flavors lined up on the shelf. I complained and said I didn’t understand the hype surrounding the chickpea-based dip. She took one disappointed look at me, picked up the roasted red pepper one and marched to the checkout.

As soon as we were home, she sat at the kitchen table, carrot stick in hand, hummus in front of me. I took a dip and instantly took back my doubtful words.

Hummus is so versatile, either as part of a meal or as a yummy snack. My favorite way to enjoy it is straight from the tub with some vegetable sticks, but it can also work amazingly on toast, on sandwiches or as an accompaniment for a salad. I haven’t been too adventurous when it comes to flavors, but I think I am now ready to take that leap, and boy have I found some delicious sounding recipes.

1. Classic Hummus

Let’s start out with the much adored Classic Hummus. Chickpeas themselves seem to be growing in popularity in recent years, probably with the rise of vegetarian and plant-based diets, and I think that hummus largely contributes to that.

If you haven’t tried hummus before, or haven’t tried making it and want to start out with a basic recipe that you can adjust, then this one is great. Because the flavors are quite simple, it works well with a wide range of accompaniments. All the ingredients yogurt need to be blended, so if you happened to fancy making some hummus on a whim one day, then this is the one for you. If you’re feeling extra experimental, you could try adding some extra herbs and spices here and there.

2. Sweet and Tangy Hummus

If the beautiful bright orange color of this Sweet and Tangy Hummus doesn’t make you want to dive right in, then its list of ingredients most definitely will.

The thought of the sweetness coming from the pomegranate along with the slight smokiness coming from the red pepper paste is a heavenly one. I like the idea of leaving some chickpeas out of the food processor so that they can be added afterward; it would mean that there would be a bit of extra texture to the hummus and you would be able to taste the chickpeas themselves amongst the other flavors. You could apply this to any hummus recipe, just remove a spoonful or two of chickpeas before you blend and then sprinkle them on top or mix them throughout.

3. Avocado Hummus

I love avocados on toast, in salads, the lot. Avocado Hummus, however, is something that I am yet to try, but I don’t think I would be wrong in assuming that it will be delicious.

Avocados can be creamy and smooth, especially when blended, so I can imagine that they would give this hummus the most lovely texture. If not mixed properly, the chickpeas can make for lumpy hummus, which is just as delicious but not my personal preference, so I feel that the avocados here would further help to prevent that. The idea to sprinkle some chili flakes on top of the hummus is a great one if you want to add a little bit of heat.

4. Cumin Roasted Carrot Hummus

Roasting carrots helps them to give off the loveliest sweet flavor, and that would work incredibly well in a hummus. That sweetness will be perfectly balanced out by the slightly earthy flavor of the hummus.

This Cumin Roasted Carrot Hummus has a couple more steps to it than simply blending all of the ingredients of course since you have to roast the carrots, but it is worth it to get all the flavors coming through nice and strong. There are lots of delicious spices going in here, but none that are so strong as to overpower the primary flavors of carrot and cumin. As a side note, don’t be fooled by the ‘garbanzo beans’ as I was, this is in fact just the Spanish term for chickpeas.

5. Lemon Spinach Hummus

I quite like the idea of having a citrusy tang at the center of a hummus recipe, it would make it go great with salads or other raw vegetable dishes.

There are only a few ingredients in this Lemon Spinach Hummus recipe, meaning that they are incredibly easy to source and it will take you mere minutes to make. Garlic is an excellent addition to this recipe, and its slight sweetness will help to tie together the sourness from the lemon and the bitterness from the spinach. I like that this recipe doesn’t make too much hummus, approximately two cups because it means that you won’t be eating the same flavor for weeks on end and can try out other new recipes.

6. Roasted Cauliflower Hummus

I love it when I am searching for a specific recipe and come across a new way of doing it, something totally different to all the other examples that I find. This Roasted Cauliflower Hummus is the perfect example of that.

Upon first seeing the title I assumed that it was a regular chickpea-based hummus with cauliflower added in for flavor, but in fact, the cauliflower makes up the base of the hummus itself. I love cauliflower, and the fact that this recipe doesn’t involve too many other flavors along with it isn’t a bad thing. Because the cauliflower is roasted, it will give off enough delicious flavor by itself and only needs enhancing with a couple of added extras.

7. Smokey Chipotle Hummus

Even just thinking about the combination of the smokey chipotle peppers and the sweet roasted garlic in this recipe is making my mouth water. The only other flavor going in is a hint of lemon to give it a bit of freshness, but otherwise, the focus is all on that smokey sweet.

I think I would enjoy this Smokey Chipotle Hummus with some tortilla chips or naan bread as the recipe suggests, straying from my usual raw vegetable sticks for a bit of a treat. Because the chipotle flavor is already a widely loved one this hummus would be perfect for serving up at parties or gatherings, the fact that it is incredibly healthy is just an added bonus.

8. Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus

Sun-dried tomatoes remind me of summer, sitting out in the garden with my family enjoying some antipasti in the sun while the BBQ cooks away.

I have a feeling that this Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus would capture that moment for me, and I always love when a food or a smell does that. This recipe has a basic base to it; then the sun-dried tomatoes add flavor. There is also the suggestion to add a little touch of cayenne pepper which I think would be the perfect way of giving it a bit of warmth in the background.

9. Roasted Garlic Hummus

I don’t think I’d be getting this one out for date night, but on any other night, I would love to try this Roasted Garlic Hummus.

Using roasted garlic in some recipes as opposed to always going for regular garlic is something I have only recently started trying, and I am so glad that I have. The process makes the garlic appeal to all the senses, giving it a delicious smell, smooth texture, and sweet taste. There is quite a lot of garlic in this recipe but don’t let that put you off, as roasted garlic is far less harsh and strong, with more of a sweet flavor than regular garlic.

10. Leftover Sweet Potato Hummus

Any recipe with the word ‘leftover’ in it will immediately get my attention. Wasting food is one of my biggest dislikes in life, but not all food tastes good reheated as it is, so I love having delicious tasting recipes up my sleeve so I can hide the leftovers in entirely new dishes.

Because you’re using pre-cooked ingredients in this Leftover Sweet Potato Hummus, you don’t have to worry about cooking the potatoes adding to the length of time it takes you to make it. Sweet potatoes don’t need much flavor added to them as they pack a punch themselves, and I can imagine eating this hummus with raw vegetable sticks would address a sweet craving in the healthiest way possible.

11. Zucchini Hummus

This Zucchini Hummus skips the chickpeas altogether, which I would argue makes it more of a regular dip but I will believe the title of the recipe.

As the recipe states, the removal of the chickpeas from this hummus recipe makes it far lighter, which in my opinion means you can eat more of it without feeling guilty. I can imagine this hummus tasting incredibly fresh with the raw zucchini and lemon juice, and the texture is bound to be silky smooth with the addition of those avocados.

12. Beet and Ricotta Hummus

I couldn’t help but be entirely entranced by the bright pink color of this Beet and Ricotta Hummus when I first saw it. The color is entirely natural too, of course, coming from the beets, so there are no nasty added artificial colorings.

The beets are roasted before being branded in this recipe which means that they will have a lovely smooth texture and sweet flavor. This will also help ensure that the hummus isn’t too runny, which wouldn’t be pleasant. Ricotta cheese would give the perfect slight hint of cheesy, creamy flavor in this recipe, but if you want to crank it up a notch, it even suggests adding something stronger like goats cheese.

13. Sweet and Savory Butternut Squash Hummus

I was incredibly intrigued by the concept of hummus that was both sweet and savory, and quite rightly so, the ingredients within this recipe are incredibly interesting. It also looks pretty with the orangey base decorated with splashes of pink, white and bright green.

I am slightly reminded of Thanksgiving dinner when I imagine the flavors coming through in this hummus, like the roasted butternut squash and the cinnamon. There are many more layers to this Sweet and Savory Butternut Squash Hummus, however, with a hint of saltiness coming from the feta cheese and the sweetness coming from the bursting of the pomegranate seeds.

14. Red Lentil Hummus

It is a fascinating idea to try making hummus with red lentils instead of the traditional chickpeas, and I commend whoever it was who was brave enough to take the first plunge.

Of course, lentils are also incredibly good for you and an excellent source of fiber. When cooked they also have a similar texture to chickpeas so I can imagine this working well. The boiling of the lentils adds an extra step to the recipe, but it is not a challenging one. Other than this main change to the recipe, this Red Lentil Hummus contains many of the same supporting ingredients, so I would be interested to see how different it tastes.

15. Buffalo Hummus

As a huge fan of buffalo chicken I can see myself loving this Buffalo Hummus, in fact, it will probably have to be torn from my prying hands before I finish it all myself.

It looks like the most delicious mix of creamy and flavorful while still having a bit of heat running through it. The flavors aren’t too complicated or new, so this hummus would be the perfect one to go for if you’re looking for a crowd pleaser. As well as being used as a dip I can imagine this would make a great base spread in sandwiches paired with chicken and salad.

16. Microwave Hummus

Having been a student struggling to think of quick and easy recipes to whip up before heading back to the library, I am desperate to share this Microwave Hummus with the world.

I wasn’t quite sure how to feel when I first stumbled upon this recipe, which I now consider to be the work of a genius, but after reading through it, it all makes sense. By warming the ingredients, it helps them to merge a lot more than they would if you immediately blended them, meaning that the flavors will be more intense. I’ll definitely be sprinkling some smoked paprika on top of my batch, just remember that if you’re making this, it will need time to cool before you can tuck in.

17. Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

As previously mentioned, it was a Roasted Red Pepper Hummus that first sparked my love of the stuff as a whole, and it is still the one that I buy the most often.

That said, I have never tried to make my own, and there isn’t an excuse for me considering how simple it looks. I love the fact that this recipe has vamped up the classic flavors by adding ingredients such as jalapeño pepper and paprika, both of which I am already fond of. My favorite way to eat red pepper hummus is with carrot sticks as a little afternoon snack, and it is one of the most effective ways I have found to pull myself away from the biscuit tin.

18. Lemon Herb Hummus

I like the idea of a sweet herby hummus, most I have found tend to be more focused around spices as opposed to real, green herbs. That, of course, goes well with citrus, and with this recipe calling for a whole lemon, there is certainly no shortage of that.

It’s easy to adjust the texture of this Lemon Herb Hummus to match your personal preference by adding more or less of the liquid ingredients. The introduction to this recipe also includes a few ideas of what to do with the hummus, some of which I hadn’t thought to try before like eating it with eggs or thinning it out to create a different tasting salad dressing.

19. Spicy Hummus

I do like a bit of spice, especially when it sits at a happy medium between subtle and burning your throat, which it looks like this Spicy Hummus does.

The spice here comes purely from the addition of chili powder, which means you could quickly adjust the amount you put in if you would rather either more or less heat. Another great thing about it is that it looks incredibly smooth, probably due to the balance between the wet and dry ingredients. I love the look of the spicy hummus wraps which are featured in this recipe, and I will be trying this out as a healthy lunch option.

20. Thai Coconut Curry Hummus

My eyes completely lit up as soon as I spotted this Thai Coconut Curry Hummus. I love anything with Asian inspired flavors, and if this were in the store amongst other hummus, it would be the one I would automatically reach for. Since I am yet to see this on the shelves, I will have to make it myself, which I am not disappointed about because it will taste better that way anyway.

This hummus has all the classic ingredients you would expect from a tropical Thai curry, including red curry paste, coconut milk, and lime. Even just the thought of this takes me back to my travels around Asia, and anything which helps me to relive those memories gets an instant thumbs up.

21. Pumpkin Hummus

All root vegetables give recipes a wholesome, hearty feel, and I feel like that would be the case with this Pumpkin Hummus. It will have a subtle sweetness, nothing too overpowering.

You could make your own pumpkin puree to use in this recipe, but if you don’t have the time or don’t fancy it then don’t feel bad using store-bought. This is a one-step method, just blend all the yummy ingredients and enjoy. I like the idea of putting some pepitas on top of the hummus for a bit of added crunch.

22. Mint and Pea Hummus

This Mint and Pea Hummus is another excellent example of someone pushing the boat out and trying something a little bit different, and that is something I like to encourage and get on board with.

I haven’t always been the biggest fan of peas, but I have recently started coming around to them. One of the dishes that made me do that was in fact a pea and mint soup that was served by a friend and I instantly fell in love with it, so I am hoping this hummus has the same results. There are so few ingredients involved in this recipe that it would be incredibly cost-effective, and of course on the upper side of the healthy snack scale.

23. Manuka Honey Roast Vegetable Hummus

Honey roasted vegetables of any kind are some of my favorite accompaniments to any dish. A lot of people associate them with the colder months, but when you think about it, the sweetness given to the vegetables by the honey makes them also perfect for summer.

Any non-tahini fans will love this Manuka Honey Roast Vegetable Hummus as it is one of the only recipes I have come across which doesn’t include it. The texture of this hummus looks silky smooth, and I am eager to taste the yummy combination of the sweet honey roasted vegetables with the warm smokey paprika.

24. Jalapeno Cheddar Hummus

Now, this sounds like the perfect thing to serve at a party or dinner, as a little something to nibble on while your guests mingle.

I can’t get enough cheese in my diet, and although it isn’t the most adventurous, you can’t beat a bit of cheddar. The flavors and ingredients in this Jalapeño Cheddar Hummus are something a little bit different which is a good thing in my opinion. I love serving up something that people think they know then giving them a little bit of a surprise. This recipe includes one pepper, so it shouldn’t be overly fiery, but feel free to adjust it if you are particularly sensitive to spice.

25. Olive Hummus

Olives always go down well in my family, and we will often have a little bowl of them out for us to munch on while we wait for dinner to be ready.

I don’t think I have ever seen Olive Hummus before, but I am not sure why because now that I think about it, they give off a strong flavor and have a pretty perfect texture for it. As shown in the example, you could add a couple of chopped olives on top of the hummus as both a bit of decoration and some flavorful texture. Once again this is a one-step method, so there’s no excuse for you to shy away from giving it a go.

26. Pizza Hummus

It is taking all my willpower not to run home to my kitchen and make this right this second. My guilty pleasure of pizza and my not so guilty pleasure of hummus have come together to create something sensational.

All your favorite classic pizza flavors are in this Pizza Hummus, from the tomato puree to mimic the base to the basil and oregano to give you the same herby flavor. Being oil-free, this is a perfect way to enjoy that pizza experience, because pizza is an entire experience in itself, as often as you want. I reckon this would be an excellent way to sell hummus to kids too if yours haven’t previously been too keen.

27. Lime Cilantro Hummus

This Lime Cilantro Hummus isn’t too far from a classic recipe, so if you want to take your time when changing things up, then this is a good one to go for. It does use lime juice instead of lemon, which most other recipes use, so the base flavor would be slightly different.

I like the fact that this recipe uses real cilantro leaves because many of the other methods I have come across which incorporate herbs use dried versions. The flavor will be much fresher this way. Because the flavors in this hummus aren’t too intense or out-there, it will go well with any accompaniment you choose to enjoy it with.

28. Curried Sweet Potato Hummus

There is only one teaspoon of curry powder in this recipe which I really like. I love the flavor that curry powder adds to a dish, but only when it’s a subtle hint, not when it is overpowering everything else within it. I love it when hummus recipes suggest toppings for them; it just adds a whole new level of texture and taste.

I have previously enjoyed many a sweet potato curry, and that was what initially drew me to this recipe. The combination of the warm curry and the sweetness from the potatoes would make this Curried Sweet Potato Hummus deliciously hearty, and I can imagine it would be yummy on toast as a little snack throughout the day.

29. Black Bean Hummus

With my sister recently choosing to become a vegetarian, I have found a lot more black beans making their way into my diet than before. Upon first trying them I was skeptical, but then pleasantly surprised by how filling they are, and a great meat substitute.

The use of the beans instead of chickpeas in this Black Bean Hummus recipe would make it more filling I think, perfect for lunches or even breakfasts. Although they aren’t too complicated to figure out how to make yourself, I like that this recipe also includes a method for baked tortilla strips, so you could make them if you are struggling to think of something to eat along with your new hummus.

30. Smoky Roasted Eggplant Hummus

The smokiness in this Smoky Roasted Eggplant Hummus comes from smoked paprika, which is probably my all-time favorite spice to cook with. I am yet to find a dish which isn’t improved by a dash of smoked paprika, and I think it adds a whole extra dimension to this hummus.

There is a bit more preparation involved in this hummus recipe than in most others, but I never mind that when the result is worth it, and the extra steps here will probably positively contribute towards the final flavors. With the extra toppings that are suggested here this hummus is a whole healthy and hearty meal in itself, and not one that I imagine anyone could object to.

31. Peanut Butter Hummus

Peanut butter is an obvious household favorite, so it is always handy to be able to incorporate it into as many healthy recipes as you can. I guarantee it will make your kids more likely to wolf anything down.

This recipe for Peanut Butter Hummus makes a large batch which is perfect for entertaining or saving, and you could just as easily half or quarter the ingredients if you wanted to make a smaller serving. The addition of the Greek yogurt will help to smoothen out this hummus despite the thicker ingredients. That being said, I like the thought of having some chunks of peanut either on top or throughout this hummus to add extra flavor and texture.

32. Mushroom Hummus

I am not a fan of the texture of mushrooms, but I like the flavor so I always get excited when I find a new recipe that can deliver that for me. If you don’t like mushrooms, consider that your issue might be the same as mine, try something like this Mushroom Hummus in which the mushrooms are blended up.

Roasting the mushrooms will help to release that lovely, earthy flavor that we all know and love, and also make them softer for blending, helping to give the hummus a creamy texture. There is a hint of lemon in here to give it a little touch of zingy freshness, otherwise, it is all about those mushrooms.

33. Maple Glazed Roasted Parsnip Hummus

Roasted Parsnips are one of the only things that could make me wish away the summer months because I know they will start to frequent in Sunday dinners again. Make them maple glazed, and I am sold.

I would be tempted to add a touch of olive oil or even just a splash of water into this Maple Glazed Roasted Parsnip Hummus recipe because it looks a bit drier than I would usually go for. That is purely my own preference however, and I don’t know for sure that it would be necessary as I haven’t yet attempted to make it. I am intrigued by the addition of the orange, the sweet citrusy flavor it would bring would be something very different.

34. Jalapeno Apricot Lentil Hummus

Jalapeno Apricot Lentil Hummus. Doesn’t every single word of that just makes you so curious to try it? None of these things are ingredients in a classic hummus, so this really couldn’t be further from it, but that’s what I love about it.

I like all these things separately but have never tried any of them together. They provide all different elements of the flavor spectrum, spice from the jalapeños, sweetness from the apricots and earthiness from the lentils. There are even more exciting and delicious ingredients in there too, like garlic, cumin, and roasted red pepper. There is nothing else that I can say until I have tried and tested what I imagine will be quite the flavor sensation.

35. Green Goddess Hummus

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I tend to gravitate towards green things, be it smoothies or soups, in the hopes that they will be good for me because they look like they will.

My assumptions have paid off with this Green Goddess Hummus which is absolutely packed full of ingredients which are both healthy and yummy. There are a lot of leafy herbs in there, but that hasn’t made the hummus itself an unappealing texture, instead it looks creamy and smooth. To be extra healthy you could dig into this with vegetable sticks, or go for some tortilla chips or thin breads.

Conclusion to Hummus Recipes

Having hummus in the fridge is already dangerous for my snacking habits, and that is only going to get worse now that I have discovered all these delicious new recipes. To be fair though, there are far worse things I could be snacking on, so vegetable sticks and hummus isn’t an issue.

If I had to pick my top few from this epic list, from which I could choose many, I couldn’t miss out that Thai Coconut Curry Hummus. Asian flavors are my favorite, and it is unlike any hummus I have seen or tried before. I am also really intrigued to try the Roasted Cauliflower Hummus, as I want to see how it compares to a regular chickpea one.

What is your favorite thing to eat along with hummus? Have you ever tried any weird or unusual flavors? Let us know in the comments below!

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